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. it's a blessing. president obama and form irpresident clinton and carter will speak on wednesday to mark the exact anniversary. >> while thousands made the pilgramage to washington, many marked the historic moment right here. youth organizations joined the museum of african-american history as they hosted a reenactment of the march. it was to give young people a sense of what the march on august was like. mayor rahm emanuel was one of the guest speakers and he emphasized how important young people are to driving dr. king's vision home. >> this is a very difficult time in the city of chicago. the march on washington was about jobs and freedom. and education is a great equal lieser and there is nothing more important than to give our children a great education. >> the mayor reminded the city how much work still needs to be done in order to make dr. king's dream a reality. >> chicago congressman says that he was invited to be one of the speakers at the rally in washington today however he on thed to attend an immigration workshop for young people here in chicago this morning. he alo
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. it is the second-largest parade in the nation. today's grand was marshal, a special adviser to president obama. >> i'm excited to play my part in this great event. carried some of our very own and celebrated traditions of the south side. >> i hope everybody had a good time. a law takes effect in january that designates the first monday in october as the day that students bring parents and guardians to their classrooms. >> we believe in the future. we believe in our children. we believe in each and every one of these boys and girls. i cannot do this job of governor forever. one of these kids will be governor someday, and we want their parents to be involved in it. >> the law is designed to promote greater parental involvement. according to a study by the national center for education statistics, that leads to better grades through a child's cooling. >> a high-profile california kidnapping case has come to a close. in a remote section of idaho. asked, what led the police there. >> also, a special 100th birthday celebration for a chicago who has made a big difference in her community. >> widespre
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prime minister. return to pakistan from exile. the government blamed a former pakistan leader. obama ministration suspended temporarily withholding aid to egypt. the obama administration is evaluating a to egypt. they're calling the club moved their reprogramming phones. about $1.5 billion in aid to egypt. the white house disputes those reports and claims they will continue monitoring the situation. the u.s. by law cannot deliver to the nation with a military coup is taking place. secured for scott, the apartment and the city district. one of the top deputies was also picked up. cockeye that is reportedly plotting to carry out several bombings on europe's high- speed rail network. the national security agency intercepted a conference call about a plan to plant explosives. >> 22 ruled play baseball in the central anniversary. he was out jogging when he was murdered three teenagers were arrested. >> committing the crime for the fun of it. during not going to be any good coming out of this. the bill is senseless. it is not anything they could've done. >> does happen, it is wrong. we jus
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of the highway into yosemite national park. >> president obama wants to make colleges and universities more affordable. president proposed a rating system that will grade schools on their value. >> i've heard from a lot of young people who are frustrated. the have done everything they're supposed to do. >> the got good grades in high school apply to college, did well in school. they come out and have this crushing debt that is crippling their sense of self reliance. >> his visit to buffalo was part of it today bus tour through new york and pennsylvania chicago >> public school's decision to shut down and consolidate a record number of schools includes one named after an african american hero who publicly humiliated adolf hitler. >> >> puzzled by the decision to rename this building. the is to be the jesse owens academy, as you can see the name gompers self. how the name change is a complicated story. the has to do with the closure is a founder luc lass of underutild school. >> what he did in a lifetime means a lot to lot of people. >> the three sisters understandably proud of the achievemen
for everything we stood for. >> the senior democrat believes the obama administration has not completely lost its influence in egypt >> egypt is an important country and i think we have to be very careful before we cut off aid >> republican senator points out... >> when someone is shot down by something with american money do think we will have friends? >> thousands of russians may be forced to evacuate their homes because of severe flooding. more than 100,000 people in russia's far east are on the brink of being washed out. the floods are said to be russia's worst in the past 120 years and some 15,000 people already have evacuated. the outlook for the next week is for rising water levels. the floods have swamped the vast areas of farmland and affected the region's infrastructure >> hundreds more people in idaho were forced to leave their homes as strong winds fuelled the blazing beavercreek wildfire. the number of people displaced is now more than 2200. firefighters say it lightning started the blaze more than 10 days ago. cloudy weather and higher humidity are helping to slow the growth of the
made. the obama administration says they will wait for the united nations report. >> folks will call for immediate action jump in interest of that is not turn out well. texas placed in very difficult situations. can result of those getting drawn into a very expensive difficult and costly interventions that actually breed more resentment. it is not expect syria to corporate. he also said that under international law the united states cannot attack syria with the un mandate. >> from a psychiatrist is charged with opening fire. the jury began deliberations >> the 911 dispatcher lan server corporatlan server call. even offered to walk and talk with him to surrender. >> she is a true hero >> laden lunch break we're using a >> laden lunch break we're u[ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just
of freedom from president obama. mr. cub was the first african-american player in the organization. he has been an ambassador of baseball joy for more than a half a century; dancing here with laura ricketts. i got his reation to the award before the game. >> it is a great country or what? this is really amazing to me. i cannot believe that ... that i made this honor bestowed upon me by president barack obama. it is very powerful. i know some other athletes that have one and i am so happy and proud, and i am nervous ... there are so many things happening in my life right now. it has been a honor. >> and a reminder that you can see saturday's arlington million right here on wgn. dan roan, eddie olzcyk, and howard sudberry will get you ready for the race. post time for the million is about 5:45. >> that's the news for this tuesday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. materre. every day you stain it... ♪ ...and stain it... and stain it. so every day, use crest 3d white toothpaste to remove up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days. no wonder crest 3d white is the n
as a sign in a public offenderdefender. >> reporting from the page county court and we and. president obama will hold a news conference at 2:00 today. he will discuss recent terror scarce. a new threat forces the united states to pull a staff from pakistan. the united states is urging americans not to travel to the country. officials say it does not appear the latest threat is connected to last week's terrorist alert. the comes a day after bombers attacked a funeral in pakistan. and bomb alert at the eiffel tower turns out to be nothing serious. hundreds of tourists inaccurate. authorities did not find anything suspicious. the landmark was reopened two hours later. the may >> and who attempted to detonate a massive bomb at the new york fell reserve bank is sentenced to 30 years in prison. he tried to set off a 1,000 lb. bomb in october 2012. he studied cyber security. new charges in the boston marathon terrorist attack, two of the suspects friends are charged with destroying evidence. >> in addition to five years convicted of conspiracy count. both are from kazakhstan and face the possibili
of august so far. we are about an inch and 74 hundredths below normal. promotingnt obama is his immature healthcare reform program in his weekly address. while republicans are unhappy with the law. his comments come as some gop members in congress are calling for an effort to define obamacare in an up coming budget deadline. >> a lot of republicans seem to believe that if they can gum up the works and make this law fail, they will somehow be sticking it to me. but they would just be sticking it to you. calleden say that if you their office with questions about the law, they will refuse to help. call me old-fashioned, but that is lousy constituent service. >> the president is urging everyone to find out more about how the new affordable health care law works by going to republicans in their weekly address are calling on mr. obama to delay the individual mandate in the law that requires americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. >> the president claims that this law is working the way it is supposed to. but clearly it is not. not when the administration is missi
. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. president obama will award the presidential medal of freedom to three chicago legends at the white house later this year. they areoprah winfrey, ernie banks, and cordy tindell vivian. oprah will be recognized for her philanthropic work, banks for his hall of fame career with the cubs, and vivian for playing an important role in the civil rights movement. the medal is the nations highest civilian honor. feminist pioneer gloria steinem and sally ride, the first american woman astronaut in space, will also be awarded medals. very nice stuff in the seven day forecast. cooling off after that. that's right. it made warm up over the weekend. and we have the annual parade coming saturday morning and the weather looks spectacular for that. we are happy to announce that. bill snider mind whether producer pointed out that since july 1st the rain has turned off route here. we had the wetteswettest n record. until that point. and we have made dry. since then. it shows you what cool weather does, blocking the rain and sendin
its presidential debut as president obama began his weeklong family vacation in martha's vineyard yesterday. the marine corps mv 22 osprey by white house staff and secret service members from the cape cod air station. it can take off vertically like a helicopter but it did also fly like an airplane. for now there are no plans to have the president apply in those aircraft. next, check in the markets plus the latest on newt iphone availability >> you know her from dexter, a chicago native actress amy garcia stopped by the and the chef from the popular tuesday night diner is here with his recipe for night diner is here wialright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. >> attorney-general eric holder is making a speech to the american bar association in san francisco. he is talking about overhauling drug related sentences in the u.s. >> the president
sentence. the death penalty is an option. president obama says his administration is gathering information into whether the syrian government gassed hundreds of civilians. what we have seen indicates that this is clearly a big event of great concern.grave cpmcerm///n. despite this apparent turn of events in syria, the president insists he's in no rush to send u-s servicemembers into the civil war torn country. the president said nearly a year ago syria would be crossing a red line if it ever used chemical weapons. a change at the top at tech giant microsoft. ceo steve ballmer plans to retire within the next 12 months. ballmer said today he had not planned to retire in the middle of microsoft's new restructuring plan but decided the company needed a longer-term ceo to see the transition through. investors had been critical of ballmer for failing to anticipate the mobile computing revolution. stocks rose in pre- market trading on news of ballmer's upcoming retirement. microsoft founder and chairman bill gates says he will be involved in the the process to hire a new ceo. calling it quits. th
at bloomberg headquarters in new york. president obama turning his focus on the economy today. in about an hour he is scheduled to sit down with the fed chief and other financial regulators for an update on the dock frank reform act aimed at preventing a repeat of the financial crisis. also the consumer protection act. americans are falling short on life-insurance. nationwide financial says only 2 percent of people in a couple or with that have enough life insurance to replace their income and the average policy replaces just 16 percent of the income. we're not doing much better when it comes to saving money for retirement. only 18 percent of working americans say they are sitting more for retirement now. also 17 percent of workers are actually sitting last, meaning they will be spending even longer on the job. stocks are trading mixed today although we are seeing gains in the tech sector. those are fueled by those intel and apple that's business news, live from new york. back to you >> i had in sports the bears have a quarterback while webb takes a big pickup center kirk outlines h
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